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Northampton Karate's FAQ's for Adult Karate, Martial Arts, and Self-Defense Training

Most potential members have several questions about martial arts prior to joining Northampton Karate.  We have assembled a list of FAQ’s to help answer some of the more common questions. 

How many times per week am I expected to attend class?
You are encouraged to attend as many All Ranks classes as you can.  However, the average number of classes attended per week is two.  If you are only able to attend one and sometimes two classes per week, that’s perfectly acceptable.

I have a family and other work and personal commitments so how understanding are the instructors if I cannot attend classes as regularly as desired?
We all have families, work, and personal lives to live, especially the instructors.  We understand there are times when you cannot attend due to work, sickness, or family obligations.  This is normal and perfectly reasonable.  All we ask is that you do the best you can and attend as many classes as your schedule permits. 

I have never participated in martial arts and do not know anything about karate.  Will I be one of the only people that is confused in class?
Very few people have had any experience with martial arts.  Every student starts off exactly the same way, inexperienced, confused, and challenged.  Any person with the proper attitude and commitment can learn our style of karate.  Part of the excitement is having the opportunity to learn something new and see real progress with each class.  All of the members and instructors began as white belts and understand what it’s like to be new to karate.

I’m not in shape and my endurance is terrible so will I be able to keep up?
As a new student, you are not expected to have the same endurance as more advanced students who have been practicing for a long time.  Each person is encouraged to train based on their own abilities and comfort level.  It is very common for endurance and physical capabilities to improve with each class, however instructors are aware of your limitations and only ask that you train to the best of your abilities.

I’m not flexible so will this prohibit me from training?
Being flexible is convenient and has advantages in martial arts.  However, many members are not flexible and this does not prohibit anyone from becoming excellent practitioners of karate.  Most people's flexibility improves with each class. We do not do any flying kicks and crazy spins like you see in the movies.  Even the least flexible people can participate and excel.

I’m not as physically strong as other members so is this a realistic option for me?
Our members consist of all ages, sizes, physical strengths, endurance levels, and personalities.  Anyone can master karate without regard to physical strength and size.  With proper technique, if you are consistent and train with intention, size and strength will not matter.


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